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Sheila Bryan

Sheila Bryan

WA NMLS-175890
Mortgage Banker

Email: sheila.bryan​@caliberhomeloans.com
Phone: (425) 605-3110

Kirkland Branch
11255 Kirkland Way
Suite 100
Kirkland, WA 98033

Sheila Bryan (WA NMLS-175890)

Welcome! Here you'll learn more about my background and talented team. Over the years, we've found that genuine dedication to our clients is the reason for our success and we've made some wonderful friendships along the way. We take pride in our amazing service,  true integrity, and offer a full range of mortgage options. I'd welcome the opportunity to help you achieve your goals.

About Me

The Foundation of Your Home Starts with Caliber Home Loans

Cobalt Mortgage has become a part of Caliber Home Loans, making us one of the largest independent mortgage companies in the country! Cobalt with Caliber is a full-service Mortgage Banking firm that provides consumers with the flexibility, education, and service needed to achieve their mortgage goals. From first-time homebuyer purchases to mortgage refinancing and investment properties, our team of experienced and knowledgeable licensed financial professionals is well equipped to meet your lending needs. We are committed to honesty, professionalism and the long-term care of our customers.

I have always had a passion for numbers! After earning an associates degree in Accounting, I started my financial career in 1988. In 1992, I became a loan officer at KeyStone Mortgage. KeyStone Mortgage was made up of the current Cobalt Mortgage Management Team and Founders. A majority of the Cobalt Founders, including me, have worked side-by-side since 1992. Since then, I’ve served as a leader and innovator of the team. My integrity, drive and passion often compel my peers and colleagues to seek my advice and expertise. In 2001, I helped found a new company, HomeStone Mortgage, which was later renamed Cobalt Mortgage, which is now a part of Caliber Home Loans.

During my entire career in the mortgage industry, I’ve worked to personify integrity, pride and teamwork in our company and community. I’ve been providing clients with financing solutions for over 20 years, and recognize that no two loans are alike. Each client has unique life goals, portfolios and financing needs which need to be addressed. As a team, we understand that it’s vital to keep open lines of communication between all parties throughout the loan process. Together, we help eliminate any uncertainty you might have by educating you and keeping you up to date throughout the transaction. A smooth, stress-free and timely close is our priority! Also, keep in mind that our business is referral based. That means we strive to earn your trust so you’ll be comfortable passing our name on to your family and friends.


Our Team

We're here to help you succeed.

From start to finish, the mortgage process is a team effort. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, or an experienced homeowner looking to purchase or refinance, our team provides the information and resources that you need to achieve your goals. We encourage you to ask around—Cobalt with Caliber has a solid reputation for integrity, experience and friendly service. Our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals, every step of the way.

Matthew Holm, Loan Originating Assistant (NMLS-1043434)

With a background in banking, Matthew brings his unique knowledge to the home lending process. He strives to ensure every loan has a seamless, on-time closing. Matthew also believes in the philosophy that teamwork and dedication bring about trust and devotion, every time.

Sherice Braaten, Marketing Coordinator

Sherice has 15+ years experience in project management, customer relations and sales operations. Her project management background has allowed her to work in various different roles and learn the importance of teamwork, time management and organization. Sherice strives to have every client feel welcomed and that they have received top level service.


Local Professionals

Certified Financial Planner

Larry Garcia
Morgan Stanley

p: (425) 455-8023
e: larry.garcia​@morganstanley.com


Alan LaVigne
Vine Dahlen

p: (425) 608-1232
e: alavigne​@vinedahlen.com

Carolyn McMahon, CPA
Gillespie & McMahon

p: (206) 527-3000
e: Carolyn​@cpagm.com
w: http://www.cpagm.com

Chris Falco CPA, CBI, CMAP
Falco Sult

p: (425) 883-3111
w: http://www.falcosult.com

Financial Planners

Daniel Jiyamapa
Ameriprise Financial

p: (425) 457-7073
e: daniel.k.jiyamapa​@ampf.com
w: http://www.ameripriseadvisors.com/daniel.k.jiyamapa/

Home Inspector

Jeff Williams
WIN Home Inspection

p: (206) 542-7735
e: jwilliams​@wini.com
w: http://www.winhomeinspectionnortheastseattle.com

Insurance Agent

Dave Odegaard
HUB International

p: (425) 489-4533
e: Dave.Odegaard​@hubinternational.com

Jean Wall
State Farm

p: (206) 528-0411
e: Jean​@Jeanwallinsurance.com
w: http://www.Jeanwallinsurance.com

Melissa Riewer
Allstate Insurance

p: (206) 501-3981
e: MelissaRiewer​@Allstate.com

Stacey Scott
Farmers Insurance / Madison Avenue Insurance

p: (425) 481-1430
e: stacey​@madisonaveins.com
w: http://www.madisonaveins.com/

Real Estate Agent

Amy Adams
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 450-2677
e: amyadams​@windermere.com
w: http://amyadams.withwre.com

Arriette Burn
Keller Williams - Seattle Metro West

p: (206) 898-3138
e: arrietteb​@hotmail.com
w: http://131984.yourkwagent.com

Betsy Bayley
Windermere Real Estate - Central (Kirkland)

p: (206) 601-7336
e: bbayley​@windermere.com
w: http://BetsyBayley.com

Cathy Koczarski
Realty Plus

p: (206) 963-0821
e: cathy.koczarski​@comcast.net

Christi Clark
Coldwell Banker Bain - Bellevue

p: (425) 450-5257
e: christiclark​@cbbain.com
w: http://christiclarkrealestate.wordpress.com

Cortney Adams

p: (425) 450-2654
e: cadams​@windermere.com
w: Cortney.withwre.com

Dave and Tammie Lowery
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 765-4114
e: daveandtammie​@windermere.com
w: http://www.daveandtammie.com

Dave Hynden
Windermere Real Estate - Greenwood

p: (206) 778-7355
e: hynden​@windermere.com
w: http://davehynden.com

Erin Mitchell Hoppe
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 250-3746
e: erin​@windermere.com
w: http://erinismyagent.com

Frank Pietromonaco
Coldwell Banker Bain

p: (206) 819-3465
e: frankpietromonaco​@cbba.com

Gene Adams
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 531-1919
e: adams​@windermere.com
w: http://adamsrealestategroup.net

Heather Dolin
Windermere Real Estate - Capitol Hill

p: (206) 715-2073
e: hdolin​@windermere.com
w: http://www.heatherdolin.com

Jeff Parker
Windermere Real Estate - Capitol Hill

p: (206) 369-2869
e: jeff​@jeffparker.com

Jen Johnsen
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (917) 860-1246
e: jenjohnsen​@windermere.com
w: http://seattlelifestyled.com

Joe Gradilla
Windermere Real Estate -West (Bellevue)

p: (206) 818-3692
e: jgradilla​@windermere.com
w: http://www.gradillarealestate.com

Joey Scott
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 387-5432
e: jcscott​@windermere.com
w: http://www.joeyscott.withwre.com

Juana Cundari
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 241-8064
e: juanacundari​@windermere.com
w: http://www.juanacundari.com

Kari Haas
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 719-2224
e: kari​@windermere.com
w: http://karihaas.withwre.com

Karin Peterson
Windermere Real Estate - Central (Kirkland)

p: (425) 503-4541
e: karinp​@windermere.com
w: http://karinpeterson.withwre.com

Kathy Gray

p: (425) 890-2715
e: kgray​@windermere.com
w: http://www.kathygray.net/

Kirsten Robertson
Windermere Real Estate - East (Bellevue)

p: (425) 802-0414
e: kirstenrobertson​@windermere.com
w: http://www.360modern.com

Kristin Nelson

p: (206) 852-7026
e: knelsen​@windermere.com

Lili Rezai
Coldwell Banker Bain

p: (206) 484-5454
e: lilirezai​@cbbain.com
w: http://lilirezai.cbbain.com/Pages/AgentDetail.aspx

Lisa Morgan
John L Scott

p: (425) 466-0593
e: lisamorgan​@johnlscott.com
w: http://www.lisamorgan.johnlscott.com

Lori Larson
Windermere - East

p: (206) 819-8227
e: lorilarson​@msn.com
w: http://www.lorilarson.com

Marco Kronen
Windermere - Capital Hill

p: (206) 396-2443
e: marco​@urbanmarco.com
w: http://www.urbanmarco.com

Mark Worthington
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 985-7867
e: worthyhomes​@windermere.com
w: http://markworthington.com

Mary Granen
Windermere Real Estate - Seattle (Eastlake)

p: (206) 612-5580
e: marygranen​@windermere.com
w: http://marygranen.withwre.com

Matt & Sue Mattingly
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 979-5098
e: mattandsue​@mattinglyteam.com
w: http://mattinglyteam.com

Michael Link
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 890-1875
e: mlink​@windermere.com
w: http://www.michaeljlink.com

Mimy Hilchie
John L Scott

p: (425) 941-7971
e: mimyhilchie​@johnlscott.com

Nancy Strickland
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 351-2386
e: nstrickland​@windermere.com
w: http://NancyStrickland.mywindermere.com

Nicole Barclay
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 818-2063
e: nbarclay​@windermere.com
w: http://www.homesbynicole.com

Patricia Mason
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (425) 652-5717
e: patriciasells​@windermere.com

Paul Lavrinec
Windermere Real Estate - Greenlake

p: (206) 321-0699
e: paullavrinec​@windermere.com

Peggy Hill \ Peter Steinke
Windermere Real Estate - Central (Kirkland)

p: (206) 660-9684
e: peggy​@peggyandpeter.com
w: http://www.peggyandpeter.com

Renee Kimes
Windermere - East

p: (206) 817-6588
e: rkimes​@windermere.com
w: http://www.reneekimes.withwre.com

Rick Hampton

p: (425) 623-5060
e: rhampton​@windermere.com
w: http://rickhampton.withwre.com/

Ryan Dosch
Windermere Real Estate - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 992-7334
e: ryand​@windermere.com
w: http://ryandosch.withwre.com

Sara Vowels
Windermere - Bellevue Commons

p: (206) 276-8990
e: saravowels​@windermere.com
w: http://SaraVowels.MyWindermere.com

Stacey Cross
Windermere Real Estate - Capitol Hill

p: (425) 830-8828
e: stacey​@windermere.com
w: http://www.staceycross.com

Stewart Karstens
Windermere - Wall Street

p: (206) 601-3421
e: stewartk​@windermere.com
w: http://stewartkarstens.mywindermere.com/

Thadine Bak
Coldwell Banker BAIN - Bellevue

p: (425) 454-0470
w: http://thadinebak.cbbain.com/thadinebak

Tony Marrese

p: (206) 799-1472
e: Tony​@TonyMarrese.com
w: http://www.tonymarrese.com

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